On Sunday the doors of St Mary’s opened at 9:30 in the morning and shortly afterwards people started to arrive, The happy faces told their own story. “We’re back!” “How wonderful to see you!” “Oh how I’ve missed all this”. Just a few of the remarks made as old and young greeted each other.

At 10am the solitary bell calling the faithful to church fell silent. Twenty nine people sat inside and bowed their heads in thankful prayer. There was almost a cheer as Rev Steve Oram addressed us all. Steve hosted a shortened Holy Communion service, bread only, with very competent assistance from Rev David Bone (it was Jenny Bone’s 80th that day). And again, as the service concluded – a smattering of applause whilst Dr David Shaw played a magnificent voluntary.

Also, from a Health and Safety point of view the morning was a great success. Placing the stackable chairs in a series of arcs around the altar with 2 metres between each (though couples sat together), made everyone comfortable. This is the way it will be for a few weeks, so if you are missing your church and your God, join us next Sunday.

In the meantime, St Mary’s will be open for private prayer on Wednesday 8th July from 10-12 noon.

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