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Services this weekend: Saturday 5th at 4:30pm REFRESH an easy going informal service for everyone but young families in particular. Sunday 6th at 9:30am Holy Communion led by Rev David Bone with Paul Harrod. 6pm Evening Worship with Rev Ann Lloyd (please note services and service leaders may change).

The last 2 Sunday services have been plagued by an annoying whistle which the first time was intermittent but last Sunday it was loud, persistent and very annoying. Despite turning all the electrical systems on a nd off, the whistle continued. Time to call the expert! Ian Dobson arrived and instantly diagnosed an air leak. Air leak??? Electrical whistle!!. Nevertheless, up he climbed into the organ loft and after a bit of footing around, pronounced that one of the organ valves was staying open and losing air causing a whistle. A couple bashes with a hammer and all was well thank goodness. Because that evening a special taize service was planned. So thank you Ian.

On Sunday 13th February our Morning Service will be led by the Dean of Bristol Cathedral, Dr Mandy Ford. Dr Ford was appointed Dean of Bristol by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in October last year. Previously she was the Canon Chancellor of Southwark Cathedral – a church with which we had a strong connection through the late and much loved Roly Bain.

Last night (Wednesday) the PCC met in the church. Matters discussed will be reported next week.

And finally:

A man was having a pint in his local when he noticed a rather attractive lady eyeing him up. Shortly afterwards she approached him and said “I think you might be the father of one of my children.”

Shocked and embarrassed, he thought back over his past life and remembered a distant knee-trembler. So he blurted out: “Look you must be the girl from that night at the Dog and Duck. We were both very tiddly and it shouldn’t have happened and I love my wife.”

She replied “Actually I’m a teacher at St Philomena’s School.”

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