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Services this weekend: Sunday: 9:30am Holy Communion with Rev Ann Lloyd. 6:00 Evening Prayer with Paul Harrod.

The Dean of Bristol led last Sunday’s morning service and made everyone sit up and listen! Dr Mandy Ford started by suggesting that many people thought the Church of England was obsessed with gender recognition. She then went on to say that she herself was in a same sex relationship – which caught everyone’s attention. She said she had been vilified and abused because of this on many occasions. Her hope was that one day relationships like hers would be fully recognised by the Church.

St Mary’s congregation being what it is, listened intently but no eyebrows were raised and several people later said they thought she was very brave and to be admired.

Did you spot the 2 old pews which have been replaced near the front of the South aisle last weekend? They have been aligned with the central pews for symmetry’s sake. Having been stored for 3 years they require polishing which will take place shortly. Two pews at the back of the North aisle have been tempoarily removed so as to provide a space for storage of the stackable chairs.

On Tuesday, a public meeting was held in the Parish Hall to discuss the proposed Severn Bridge Cycle Race on Sunday 8th May. The organisers said that a number of changes had been made following last year’s race and accidents. This year the race is 2 months later than 2021, so more daylight. There will only be ONE, not 2, races and the start time has been    moved back to 1pm as opposed to 10am. This is because the afternoon is much quieter in the villages. Advance notice will be given. Four members of the public attended and, although it is not a parish council matter, 5 councillors and the clerk were present. 

And finally:  

A 50-year-old billionaire walks into a pub with his 25-year-old girlfriend. His met a friend who asked him how he managed to get a girl half his age. The billionaire replied, “I lied about my age.”
His friend asked, “You told her you were 40?” No.” said the billionaire, “I told her I was 90.”

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