Bishop Viv of Bristol will be addressing St Mary’s on Sunday. Please open/follow whatever links our vicar, Rev David Moss sends you over the weekend.

The church Tower appeal is gaining momentum once more. A brochure is being prepared by local designer, Nikki Clark. Once approved by the PCC it will be published and used to launch further appeals for the remaining £40,000 needed to finally fund the essential repairs. Below is a photograph of the graveyard taken from the very top of the tower:

Dan Leaver-Lewis, resident with wife Nina and family in Olveston, has been appointed Footpath  Warden by the Parish Council. He will work with a small group of other committed walkers including the retiring warden, Rod Williams, to maintain and mark all our public footpaths.

Mary Griffith has most unfortunately been forced in to changing her landline number. If anyone needs this number please contact Martin on 01454 616856. Sadly Mary’s daughter, Hazel, had a fall last week and broke her hip. She is currently in Southmead hospital awaiting an operation.

Another of our flock who sustained a fall is Tessa Floyd. She tripped in the garden last week, fell and broke her knee cap. Ouch! An operation in Southmead followed and she should now be home, but very immobile. Best wishes Tess & Peter.

Olveston parish has many lovely walks and public footpaths but it is somewhat lacking in nature reserves. The parish council does, however, maintain an extremely tranquil reserve on Old Down Hill. It is on the hill, halfway up on the right hand side. This quarry was last used to extract road stone until 1911 when it closed. The Northern third belongs to a local resident and the lower, Southern 2/3rds belongs to the Parish Council.  It is completely untamed and many wild flowers grow there. A footpath guides the way, but access is at your own risk.

So many people are asking “When is our beautiful church going to be open again?” Sadly, there just isn’t any news on this at the moment. As previously reported, the Standing Committee members are working on plans to implement the re-opening, but Government permission will be needed first. Why on earth this hasn’t come through in the latest relaxation of lockdown rules is beyond most people. There is virtually no pressure from the Archbishop or the Bishops reported in the press. What is reported, are the many letters being published asking “why isn’t something happening?” and giving excellent reasons for reopening churches. St Mary’s can safely hold 50 worshippers with 2m isolating rules in place (in normal times it can seat 270!). A normal Sunday congregation would be anywhere between 40 – 60.


Two old ladies chatting away. One says to the other “I’m getting so forgetful these days that I’ve had to change the password on my computer.”

“Oh yes” says the 2nd lady “What have you changed it to?”

“Incorrect. That way whenever it asks me to put in a password, it says ‘Password incorrect'”

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