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At last there is some discussion on how we should come out of lockdown: schools will reopen, hardware stores, garden centres, some retail shops – but what about churches? Absolute silence. It would be so easy for churches, mosques, synagogues, to practice social distancing and yet no guidance at all. Where is the leadership?

If there is one thing we could do without at the present time, it’s bad news. And how the media loves bad news. Even when the average daily number of coronavirus deaths is falling – now that should be good news! – television shifts its focus to care home deaths. For heaven’s sake give it a rest. But being serious for a moment, should we have to tolerate this pessimism, day in day out?  Everyone knows that (only) bad news sells newspapers, but does that have to be the case? Let’s have some optimism, we all need it. So how do we go about changing the system? Who has the authority, or power, to change the BBC, ITV, SKY etc? Parliament. It used to be said that 40 letters sent to your MP is a “major body of opinion”. Actually in these days of “can’t be bothered to read” emails, even a dozen LETTERS on paper would make MPs and ministers sit up and listen – or, better still, write to the Right Hon John Whittingdale, Minister of State for Media and Data.

Has anyone noticed that the number of SPAM emails they receive has dropped dramatically during this lockdown period?


“How do I see the country, and the world, being after lockdown ends? I think the country will be divided in much the same way as the BREXIT debate. There will be those who say the Government did everything it could or was advised to do. Then others will say, it wasn’t enough or what they did was wrong. It’s quite likely that this – acrimonious – debate will drag on for years. I can also see large companies looking at their shiny big offices thinking “do we really need them when so many of our staff have been working from home?” Some employees will think “I quite like working from home, no commuting, more time with the family.” But even with video conferencing, there is no substitute for people gathering together, pooling their thoughts and ideas, reaching solutions, inventing things. I also think that social distancing (it should be called “physical distancing”) will be the new norm for a long time to come and hygiene, washing hands etc, will be a normal part of our lives. Another side effect may well be that people, having become used to more carefully managing their food, their clothes, their entertainment, start to think “Do I really need to buy an M&S special dinner, or buy Summer clothes, or eat out twice a week?” So, when lockdown ends there will be trepidation coupled with relief.”

Source: A Management Consultant

Humour: Child’s letter to God:

Dear God. I think Able and Cain wouldn’t kill so much if they had separate bedrooms. It works with my brother Freddy.

And finally: Our parents, and school, taught us many things, including RELIGION: You’d better pray that’ll come out of the carpet.

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