St Mary's News WEDNESDAY BLOG – 15th APRIL

Rev Steve Oram had a short slot on Radio Bristol last Sunday. He was being interviewed about our Tower Appeal and disclosed that St Mary’s had just been awarded £20,000 by the Churches Trust. He was then asked if that would be sufficient to finish the work – and he replied, not quite, we actually need £200,000. That floored the interviewer and the session ended shortly thereafter!

An apology – we understood that Sandy Shaw was appearing on Tipping Point yesterday afternoon but alas the schedule was changed at the last minute. The TV programme makers have promised to give a week’s notice when Sandy’s edition is to be broadcast.

South Glos Council has just issued Road Closure Notices, effective from May. The closure affecting Olveston parishioners is Foxholes Lane. The council has not yet said WHEN the work (resurfacing) will be carried ot but it affects the whole length of the road and will be sometime in the next 18 months.

Seen in a church magazine: Miss Charlene Mason sang “I will not pass this way again” to the obvious delight of the congregation.

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