St Mary's News TUESDAY BLOG – 5th MAY

This website is, of course, a church website, St Mary’s Olveston in particular. It was created last September and its intention was, and still is, to keep (mainly) St Mary’s congregation in touch with (again, mainly) church events. Sadly, with all churches closed, there really is very little “News”. So the daily blog is currently trying to keep the congregation, and anyone else who is interested, informed of what is happening in our Parish. Once the crisis recedes and churches reopen again, this page will revert to a more occasional information/advisory sheet.

Glory be! Having just written that there’s nothing “churchy” to write about, up pops a miracle performed by David Moss. He has invited Bishop Viv to give a three minute talk especially for North Severnside on Pentecost Sunday – and she has accepted. A link to her address will appear here once available. Well done David.

Further to an article here last week about Nitrogen dioxide levels in the Temple Way, Bristol City Council, it was interesting to see Bristol City Council announcing that air pollution has halved during lockdown. Not quite true though. On the BCC website is a section related to air pollution monitoring, showing all the data over the last 3 months. What has fallen considerably is the high “spikes” in NOx, considered the greatest hazard. The average NOx levels however, remain the same: eg 10th March – 23.5 average; 30th April – 25.1 average. Much the same is true with levels of NO2 and PM10 (minute particles). Who’s kidding who?

A New England: Life after lockdown

“I feel sure we will continue to practice social distancing at least for some time to come and hopefully the community friendliness which this epidemic has created will continue well into the future. I had hoped that the gap between the wealthy and the less so, might decrease. I saw the boss of Heathrow Airport was taking a 3 month paycut – of £180,000, but that sort of money is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man and woman. One thing is certain taxes will HAVE to rise. It may be that VAT will be cut for a short while to give the economy a boost – certainly the car trade would benefit from it. But for you and me as well as big companies, we will be paying more. I believe working from home will be  more common, but the unions will probably take a contrary stand on this. It does seem that the German health system, a mix of private and public, works better than our NHS. This will have to be looked at closely once normal times start to return.” Source: an accountant.

Church humour: The vicar addressed his congregation “Here in my hands I have 3 sermons and you can choose which one I deliver. The first last for 5 minutes and costs £20; the second last for 15 minutes and costs £10; this third one lasts for an hour and costs just £5. Now, let’s do the collection first and we’ll see which one you prefer.”

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