St Mary's News TUESDAY BLOG – 28th APRIL

Because it is currently unsafe to both print and deliver hard copies of MEETING POINT, it has, for the first time, been published on-line. Click on this link to open your copy:


The Rt Revd James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle and the Church of England’s lead bishop on health and social care, said: “For some time now the issues of loneliness and isolation have been identified as major problems within our society. The coronavirus pandemic will only create further challenges in this respect. So it is vital that we do all we can as a church to protect people’s mental wellbeing.”

Do you know someone who might have mental health issues or be lonely? If you have any suspicions, don’t ignore them – ACT. It is quite shocking, almost unbelievable, that last Christmas, at least 9 people in OUR parish, spent a minimum of 4 days without seeing a single soul.

Whatever your political affiliation, it was good to see the Prime Minister back in charge yesterday. Interesting too, that someone had been cutting his hair – possibly with garden shears? Ladies, in particular, will be grateful when hairdressers open up again.

Long time Tockington resident, Phil Faulkner, died peacefully over the weekend after fighting a long battle with ill-health. A friendly, intelligent man, Phil was also a member of Thornbury golf club. RIP.

Joyce Parker whose family have lived on The Green, Tockington for decades also passed away on Sunday. RIP.

A New England Series:                                                                                                                               “What will the future be like after lockdown ends? Well, I think a lot of people will start to reassess their jobs. Many of us have been forced to work at home and frankly, I like it and I guess many others do too.                                                                                                                                                            There has been a slower pace to life over the past 6 weeks and again, I think families have been drawn together and have come to appreciate just how good it can be, so that is likely to continue.      Obviously, there will be economic issues on a major scale and it’s certain there will be less disposable income around. So I’m thinking companies in the luxury market, whatever their product, will struggle. On the other hand, there are some necessities to life, food and education come to mind, and I have no doubt that sectors like these will thrive.”                                                       Source: A business woman

(The title of this series pays homage to Billy Bragg who wrote it and the late Kirsty McColl who sang “(I’m not looking for a New England”)

Humour: A local newspaper described a policeman as a “defective inspector”. After a vehement protest, it printed a retraction which ended “We apologise to him and to the rest of the local police farce.”


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