St Mary's News TUESDAY BLOG – 21st APRIL

Just before 10pm last night a “fleet of UFOs” passed overhead. Moving at great speed from the South West to the North East they were in fact satellites launched by Elon Musk’s Space X programme as part of a global plan to bring better internet connection.

Right now it’s very noticeable how amazingly parallel are the crops in the fields – of course, the GPS used by today’s tractor drivers helps a lot!

There has apparently been an increase in the number of people preparing their wills during the Covid 19 crisis. If you are one of those, then beware. For a will to be legally enforceable it has to be signed, and the creator’s signature confirmed, by two adult witness at the same time and in your presence. With the current social distancing rules, getting two witnesses together with you at the same time is problematic. Neither of the witnesses can be a beneficiary in your will and there are other rules as well. Best to consult a solicitor – that can always be done online.

A sad story – the death has just occurred of a retired Canon of Bristol Cathedral. This 92 year old gentleman lived in Westbury on Trym but had family in Tockington. He had never spent a day in hospital in his life and despite his age was extremely well. Last Tuesday the normal 8am phone call he made to his son every day, did not materialise. This  caused the son to go to his father’s house where he was found to be dead. Judging from his position it seems likely that the old man had been at the foot of his bed praying when death called.

The Vicar said to the little boy “Tell me honestly, do you say your prayers before meals?”                    To which the boy replied “No sir, my Mummy is a good cook.”

Another Vicar was telling the Ten Commandments to a group of children. When he finished explaining “Honour thy mother and father” he asked “Is there a Commandment that tell us how to treat our brothers and sisters?”                                                                                                                           “Yes” replied little Johnny “Thou shalt not kill.”



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