Here we are – April Fool’s Day, the start of a new month. No joking or false information here.

One thing guaranteed to brighten the lives of everyone is a rainbow. Children everywhere have been encouraged to draw and paint rainbows and then place them in their front windows. Many have appeared in the parish. The rainbow is a sign of hope and beauty.

Now that the grass has started to grow – albeit a little slowly due to the cold wind – the church Graveyard team have stepped up their efforts to maintain the church grounds. Like everyone else, they have to obey the Government lockdown regulations and so only one person is working at any one time. He or she has to telephone our Sexton, Chris Smart, and advise that they will be in he graveyard and then ring again on finishing. Safety first.

After all the wet weather of winter the sun and dryness has been very welcome indeed despite that nip in the air. Sadly however, the Parish Council has been forced to close the 3 play areas – Vicarage Lane, Old Down and Tockington, behind the Parish Hall. This means that the play equipment cannot be used.

Whilst on the subject of weather it is worthwhile putting the record straight regarding just how wet the weather was in February. Described by the BBC as the wettest ever, it was in fact the 24th wettest month over the past 100 years. Mind you it FELT like the wettest!

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