Are you worried about going to church on Sunday? Let’s face it, Covid 19 is still out in the population and the environment and could well be a potential threat to anybody for months or even years to come. For many people, especially the elderly, the safest option is to stay locked in at home. But human beings have never been good at isolation – that’s the reason we have prisons. Staying at home and not socialising might increase the fear of going outside. One might become institutionalised. All of us analyse the risks we face in everything we do, every day. Walking under a ladder, crossing the road, driving a car – all involve a degree of risk.

So what are the risks of attending a church service, especially in relation to Covid 19? It’s possible someone else in the church might be infected – but South Gloucestershire has one the lowest CV19 rates in the country. A number of safety measures are in place – doors are left open to aid air circulation, antiseptic handgel at the door is mandatory for everyone, only the hard surfaced  stackable chairs are in use, and they are all 2 metres apart;  every hard surface is cleaned before and after a service and the officiating priest wears gloves. The bread and patten are isolated for a minimum of 3 days, there is no coffee/tea and no meetings. Everyone must self distance and the sidespersons know when to enforce this.

Basically, any potential risk has been identified and then minimised. Hopefully, if you are concerned about Covid 19, you will now feel re-assured – hope to see you on Sunday at 10am.

Not a lot of people know this: St Mary’s website came into being exactly a year ago. In that time there have been TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN news articles published! Matters reported or discussed include reports on our Summer Fayre, the Remembrance Poppy display, the Christmas Market, the Sow & Grow Fundraising, The Greatest Showman, Movie Club, the Tower Appeal, the Salvation Army, the new Archdeacon’s visit, PCC matters, news from Olveston Parish Council, the National Cycle Race, daily briefings during lockdown in March, April and May and more recently news of the reopening of St Mary’s.

During the next month, all street lights in the parish will be updated to LED (ie energy saving) by South Glos Council. It is unlikely there will be any disruption.

The work of GREEN FORCE led by Sue Farr is now listed on this website under “COMMUNITY GROUPS”. The logo was designed by Nikki Clark of Synergy, a local business. If you want to join “forces” (sorry), just give Sue a ring.

Light humour

A (slightly un PC) tribute to alcohol:

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. “Benjamin Franklin”

When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading. “Paul Horning”

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