Last Sunday a plant and produce sale was held in the churchyard. There were cakes, preserves, plants and all sorts of vegetables, even nuts. The weather held fine for all and the congregation and a few others poured over the assembled produce. The event only lasted a few minutes – as Sue Farr said “It was 10 minutes of joy!” but in that time virtually everything was sold and a total of £130 raised for church funds.

Rev Steve Oram is away on holiday for 2 weeks so on 6th &13th September, the 10am Holy Communion service will be held by Rev David Bone. Paul Harrod will deliver the sermon on each of those Sundays.

Holy Roly Pump. Four years ago St Mary’s raised enough money to pay for a freshwater well hole to be created for villagers in Rwanda. Unfortunately it seems that the composition of the soil is such that it converts to silt. This in turn causes the electrical pump to burn out. Three pumps have been tried – all failed. Sadly the well has had to be abandoned. It is important to note that exhaustive surveys and engineer’s reports were sought prior to construction of the well.

The Parish Council has kick started the village Speedwatch. Fifteen volunteers met a week ago to receive instruction and a second police kit has been ordered. This means that there could be 2 teams operating on the same day.

Sunday Service – the 10am Holy Communion service in St Mary’s is returning remarkable attendance figures. Every week since churches reopened (after the first Sunday) over 40 people turn up. This is a higher number than a normal, no choir, service before the pandemic, when numbers averaged 35.

And now, your weekly dose of humour:

MARRIAGE is the greatest teacher of all. It teaches you loyalty, respect, comradeship, compassion, faithfullness and lots of other things you wouldn’t need if you’d stayed single.

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