On Sunday afternoon last, following a very well attended “Evening” service in St Mary’s, a small group of people set off to the home of Richard Powell in Olveston. Richard, as many will remember was for many years the “Powell” of Powells Butchers. Now, at the age of 91 and not in the best of health, he wished to be baptised. The Rev David Moss conducted a simple service leaving Richard in a slightly emotional state, as he himself confessed. Martin, as churchwarden, presented Richard with a bible on behalf of the church and welcomed him into the family of St Mary’s. Richard was then able to partake in a Holy Communion.

All Souls Memorial Service. Our annual service to remember those who have left us for a better place, especially the people who were so close to us, will be held on Sunday 1st November at 4pm.

These really are very strange times in which we live. First of all, the traditional Remembrance Day service planned for Sunday 8th November has had to be reconfigured due to Covid 19 regulations and the need to ensure that those attending are in bubbles of not more than 6 people. Bear in mind the numbers of flag bearers and wreath layers and their families, and the problems become obvious. Add to this the Welsh government’s proclamation that until MONDAY 9th NOVEMBER, people in Wales – and guess where our vicar lives? Yes, Newport, Wales – are not allowed to leave their houses. Fortunately, it seems clergy are exempt, so the Remmbrance day service will go ahead. Please note that it will start at 10:45am at the War Memorial.

The Tower Appeal is moving forward once more and already substantial personal donations have been made. We still need at least £30,000 to be up and running, so if you feel able to help financially please contact either David Prothero or Mike Wright.

The Parish Council has applied to close Old Down Hill on Wednesday 28th October. Halfway up the Hill, in the quarry, but overhanging the road, is an ash tree which has suddenly died and needs to be cut down before it falls into the road.

Another Parish Council decision: a bench will be placed on Tockington village green with a plaque commemorating the late Kenny Neale. It will also be possible for more iconic villagers to be remembered in the future.

The three old metal street signs – Orchard Rise, Church Hill and Pump Lane – have been restored. They were first soda blasted and then repainted before being refitted.


Three vicars met to discuss their problems. The first one complained bitterly about the infestation of bats in his church’s belfry. He said “I’ve tried everything – cats, spraying water, pest control and nothing works.” The second vicar said “I have exactly the same problem, bats, hundreds of them. I just can’t get rid of them.”

The third vicar said “I had them too, but I baptised them all and welcomed them into the family of God. I haven’t seen any of them since.”

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