The editor is on holiday so this week’s news is limited.

THE 10AM SERVICE IS proving consistently popular with congregations even exceeding 50 people. This is at the limit of health and safety numbers so discussions are ongoing about possibly reintroducing the 6pm service. More info to follow.

OUR DIRECTOR OF MUSIC, David Shaw, is working towards having the Salvation Army band perform pre Christmas as in previous years. The difference is likely to be that their numbers will be fewer. Still, it will be a step towards normality.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL IN A PANDEMIC. Most of us are wary about travelling abroad at the moment. But should we be? Obviously the destination is key, however the infection rate in Greece is far lower than in the UK so in theory it is a safe destination. Arriving at Bristol airport was straightforward. Inside the terminal at 6am was much quieter than usual and passing through security was swift. In the departure lounge only 2 of the many food and drink outlets were open. Everyone was wearing masks and socially distancing. On board the plane, Easyjet, our favoured airline, there were perhaps only 80 people when the capacity was closer to 200. And this was a flight to a capital city, Athens. Middle seats empty, no food/drink service. Sad to look at the cabin staff and think you’ll be out of work if this goes on much longer. Athens Airport was eerily quiet, even if all the concourse shops and cafes were open. The baggage carousels silent, the check in desks free from queues. Surprisingly the onward internal flight was full and mainly tourists. One more thing. What is it like to wear a mask non stop for 11 hours? Not a problem, you get used to it.

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