St Mary's News THURSDAY BLOG – 23rd APRIL

Tuesday evening’s virtual CHAT group addressed two issues: how is the current lockdown affecting people and what do we want to see once it is over?                                                                          Regarding the first, in our community at least, there seem to 2 types of people. Those who in the past have been self-contained and whose lives have centred around family and, in the 2nd group, folk who have always socialised in a very active way, often with lunch or dinner parties.                     It is group 2 who find lockdown hardest to swallow. They miss the social interaction.

What about the future? There was consensus that a new, totally different, society would emerge. Life WILL be different. CHAT believes that top of a new world agenda should be climate change and how to face up to it. Renewable energy has to be the way forward, especially with the oil market currently in disarray. Another by-product of CV19 should be more attention by Government to rural life. Much improved broadband speeds to allow people to work easily at home should be a priority and also as an aid to education

Many people are talking about walking and footpaths. Local leaders like Rod Williams and Richard Lloyd are putting the parish footpath brochures in the church porch. Help yourself.

Church secretary, Sarah, has been unwell over the past week, so Church News has been delayed. As soon as the new issue is available (a day or two) it will appear here.

Despite his sciatica, Trevor was on a long walk around the parish. Starting to worry a little about how long it would take to get home, he approached farmer Cyril and asked for the time. Cyril went over to one of his cows and gently lifted its udder whilst peering underneath. “Twelve thirty” he said. Trevor, befuddled, “How do you know that?”. Cyril called him over to the cow and said “Look under here. You can just see St Mary’s clock”.



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