St Mary's News SATURDAY BLOG – 9th MAY

Revs David Moss and Steve Oram are planning the re-opening of church once permitted, which may well come in the Government statement tomorrow, Sunday.

The late Joyce Parker, will be cremated on Thursday 14th May. Beforehand however, her son Glyn, intends to drive Joyce’s body around Tockington Village Green at around 1:20pm in case anyone wants to pay their last respects.

In January Bishop Lee of Swindon was involved in an unpleasant accident and suffered broken bones. He now reports that he is making a good recovery, but it may be 3 months before his femur is fully healed.

Two power cuts in less than a week. Both logged as “wide coverage” – meaning the cause is unknown. It could be a bird strike on overhead wires or perhaps branches hitting the wires – but no wind on Friday evening. Western Distribution need to get their act together, this is the year 2020, not 1920.

Here is the link to listen to the Femmes with their 1940s repertoire:

A New England: Life after lockdown: LAST IN THE SERIES

“I am in the financial services business and during this present crisis have found our clients to be generally very sanguine. They appreciate what has happened and think that the country, and their investments, will recover rapidly after lockdown is lifted. It does seem to be the young generation who have embraced video conferencing but the middle aged and older generations feel the need for face to face meetings where their investments are concerned. We expect a degree of social distancing will continue, perhaps until the end of the year. We might introduce staggered staffing. There will be winners and losers, I expect UK holiday resorts to boom, along with sellers of caravans and mobile homes, this Summer. I think that as a nation we will be “greener” in many ways – car sales will be low but bike sales will be high. One last point – thank goodness for Brexit. At least the UK only has to look after itself, whereas Germany, for example, will have to support France, Spain, Italy and any number of other countries. Source: a financial advisor.

Humour: After the service the lady said to the vicar “I hope you weren’t too upset when my husband walked out during your sermon.” The vicar replied “Well, not really.” “Oh thank you” said the lady “He’s been sleep walking since a child.”

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