St Mary's News SATURDAY BLOG – 2nd MAY

VE Day will soon be upon us – Friday 8th May – an anniversary well worth remembering. The Parish Council was well advanced with its plans for a carnival, a ceilidh, tug of war, classic cars, cricket, junior football, an aircraft display and so on. And then, Coronavirus, and everything had to be cancelled. Hopefully, this will be revived either later this year or perhaps in May next year.

South Glos Council has a Covid 19 mutual aid group which meets by Zoom every week. They discuss all aspects of the crisis – segregation, shopping, pharmacies, abuse, loneliness, debt. Help is available through the council for every one of these tragedies. Look for whatever it is you need online or ask a Parish Councillor or a Churchwarden.

Do you remember what it was like to drive a car? And when you did, do you remember potholes? Well, they are still there, but South Glos is having a big push to fix all of them whilst there is very little traffic on the roads. If you know one, or two or more, go online to “Report a pothole” or speak to a Parish Councillor or a Churchwarden.

Those of us who trawl the internet on a regular basis, will have seen a “conspiracy” theory about how Covid 19 came about. It has been suggested that there is a Chinese equivalent to our Porton Down close to Wuhan (where the virus first broke out). Some believe that the virus came from this chemical testing station. Now, President Trump is alluding to it – not that that adds any credence to the theory – but, here’s a thought – how long is it before someone suggests that China should be legally sued for all the global losses?

A New England: Life after lockdown

“What will life be like after lockdown? Haven’t got a clue! But I would say that before lockdown, society had evolved to a point where it obviously wanted to be. So it follows that we will want to return to that state. Once lockdown ends, people will want to go to the coffee shop, they will want to socialise, partly because we’ve always done it and partly because now I CAN do it again, I will! I think there will be less international travel, we have managed to do without it for several months, do we really need to get on a plane – mixing closely with others, breathing in their germs – and what about the healthcare wherever we land? Certainly, the longer the lockdown goes on, the greater the lasting effect. I believe that young families are desperate to come out of lockdown but I just can’t see how young children can go to school without physically interacting.” Source: A retired Utilities Manager

Things our parents taught us: CONTORTIONISM: Just look at the dirt on the back of your neck.

Things our parents taught us: BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION:   Stop acting like your father.

And finally: Remember that Christians only have one wife. This is called monotony.

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