St Mary's News SATURDAY BLOG – 18th APRIL


The video above is of Rachel Woolner who is the new leader of the junior SHINE choir which is once again based at Olveston Primary School. This spontaneous performance was in Clifton on Thursday evening.

It has been said before, but well worth repeating; a MASSIVE thank you to the Olveston village shops which have stayed open during this crisis. So, Sarah, Trudy and Scott – WE ARE ALL VERY, VERY APPRECIATIVE. Thank you from every one of us.

Coronavirus has, of itself, provided an experimental laboratory and with it some inconvenient truths. One being that the massive reduction in  city centre traffic has not produced a corresponding drop in diesel NO2 emissions. So diesel cars are not the principal producers of this pollutant. Ouch!

A little girl was watching a wedding and asked her Mother “Why is the lady dressed in white?”.    Mummy replied “Because white is the colour of happiness and today is the happiest day of her life.” The little girl thought about this then asked “Mummy, why is the man dressed in black?”

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