Everyone knows that getting children in to church on Sundays is nigh impossible. The demands of rugby, football and all sorts of other Sunday commitments, seem to have changed our life styles completely in the space of just 10 years.

So it makes sense to have  family, easy going, free range worship on a SATURDAY afternoon. Take the kids along, feed them up with tea and cake and gently play Christian inspired games and videos with them.

This is what Paul and Natasha Harrod – plus their children – do at 4:30pm on Saturday term time in St Mary’s. Children outnumber adults roughly 2 to 1 – if only that were the case at a Sunday service!!!

Actually, thinking about it, we grandparents often have to look after the grandchildren and taking them to REFRESH is an excellent way to teach the children, whilst at the same time getting a bit of respite from grandparent duties. You should try it! Absolutely everyone welcome.

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