St Mary's News MONDAY BLOG – 4th MAY

A real treat coming up this weekend to celebrate VE Day. The Femmes, the local girl close harmony group who sing songs from the 40s and 50s, have made a 40 minute video which will be available on You Tube between 8 – 11th May. The link will be here on Friday and the viewing is free. The girls just ask for a donation, if possible, to NHS Charities Together, and again a ‘giving’ link will be here. Femmes were to appear at the Parish Council’s VE Day Carnival, but that was all cancelled.

Yesterday was International Dawn Chorus Day. This is the Sunday in the year when birds are thought to be at their most vocal. Did you hear them?

Just over two years ago, a car ran into the phone box in Old Down and smashed it to smithereens. As it was an asset of the Parish Council a decision had to be made whether or not to replace it. Views from the residents in Old Down were sought and the great majority said replace it. A fully refurbished box was put in place a few months ago and most people would say that it is magnificent. There was some criticism at the cost – around £3,000, but the Council had been pursuing an insurance claim and this has finally paid off with a settlement figure matching the cost of the box. The Council’s original decision has therefore been completely vindicated.

Most of us are wondering whether or not we will be able to take a holiday this year and a lot of people will be hoping to go abroad. At the moment the key question is when will airlines start operating again? And what restrictions will be in place? The Greek Government has just announced that its national carrier Olympic/Aegean Airlines will be starting INTERNATIONAL flights from 1st July. That is one answer to the complex question; the other has to be, when will our Government let us travel again? Greece has had very few CV19 deaths and should be considered a relatively safe place to holiday.

A New England: Life after lockdown

“I’m terrified. Our business is supplying PPE to hospitals and care homes. When lockdown first started, customers were quite understanding of the problems of supply. Now they are frustrated and even angry. They want to know why PPE is still in short supply and get very agitated when told ‘We can’t do anymore’. So what will happen when lockdown ends? There will have to be physical distancing on construction sites, in education, shops, factories and so on, and all these workers are going to need some form of protection equipment. And whereas there are 1 million people in the NHS, there are 30 million other workers. How on earth will we manage? The Health and Safety Executive must surely relaxsome of its rules. It scares me, it really does.” Source: a national accounts manager.


A vicar and a rabbi whilst out driving, crash into each other. Both are uninjured and grateful for their lucky escape. The rabbi says “This must be a sign from God – we are meant to co-exist in peace and harmony.” The vicar replied “I totally agree.” Then the rabbi says “Look – there is a bottle of wine I had with me and it’s not broken, that must be another sign from God, we should drink it.” He passes the bottle to the vicar who opens it and drinks half the bottle before handing it back to the rabbi. The rabbi then puts the top back on, so the vicar asks “Aren’t you going to drink with me?” The rabbi replies “No. I think I’ll wait until after the police have made their report.”

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