St Mary's News MONDAY BLOG – 13th APRIL

Did anyone see a large yellow chicken riding a horse through Olveston yesterday? Very strange.

Another parishioner who has been doing great work to help the NHS is Liz Henniker-Heaton. She is collecting used pillow cases which she transforms into draw string clothes carriers. They then go to NHS staff  to bring used work clothes home. So far she has made over 80 – if you want to help, Liz lives on Haw Lane and there is a notice outside her house.

A long time member of our congregation, Mike Neal, has suffered with poor health in recent months with two stays in hospital. Fortunately, just as CV struck, Mike was discharged from hospital and is convalescing with his daughter in Yorkshire. We wish him everything he would wish himself.

There was something of a disconnect yesterday between the splendour and tradition of Pope Francis holding mass in the magnificent surroundings of the Vatican and the Archbishop of Canterbury in his kitchen. Homely, but was it appropriate? At a time when the country faces a crisis of previously unimaginable horror, people look for leadership and inspiration; homeliness doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Seen in a church magazine: The sermon this morning is “Jesus walks on the water.”  Tonight’s sermon is “Searching for Jesus”.

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