St Mary's News FRIDAY BLOG

It seems that the whole parish turned out at 8pm last night to thank the NHS and all its workers. Shouting, clapping, banging and other sundry noises were heard everywhere from Awkley to Ingst to Sheepcombe and Old Down – and these are the outlying places. In Tockington and Olveston there was quite a din!

When this current crisis is over the Thursday morning community police visits to the village stores coffee morning will resume. Better still, the new policeman is Will Price. Will has spent much of his life in this area and is very well known.

There have been reports of some people being unreasonable with the village stores. We are incredibly lucky to have this amenity and Sarah Riggs has gone way beyond the call of duty in helping parishioners. The stores are well stocked and now opening from 8am to 3pm. If their telephone is not immediately answered, or if they don’t have the product you want, or if they cannot deliver exactly when you want – PLEASE BEAR WITH THEM. Sarah and her staff are doing a wonderful job and we should all be very grateful.

If your shopping needs extend beyond the village, eg Tesco or Aldi or the pharmacists, please ring one of the Village Volunteers, Clare or Angela (their numbers are on the contact card). They can arrange virtually all shopping for you – but again, do be reasonable!

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