St Mary's News FRIDAY BLOG – 8th MAY

Today is VICTORY IN EUROPE day, the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Axis forces. On its day, the event was greeted with jubilation throughout the country. Now, perhaps our sentiments are more muted, possibly even sympathetic towards the losers. How strange it is that Germany’s economy is stronger than ours. Is there a moral to be learned!

All of us have been affected, one way or another, by the reduction in waste removal services. Good news then that South Glos is to resume its WEEKLY collections from next Wednesday, 13th; so please put out your rubbish by 07:00 as used to be normal. Do note, however, that there will inevitably be aberrations to collections as the council expects waste to be at least 50% greater than pre-lockdown. The Sort It waste centre in Thornbury will re-open on Saturday 16th May but there will be restrictions (not yet announced), possibly alternate days or odd/even car number plates. Our advice is don’t bother for at least a week afterwards.

And now for some really good news – once the Government gives approval – our church will RE-OPEN. Slowly at first with lay preacher Paul Harrod (and close family) taking part in a private service of thanksgiving. Thereafter, we will all be allowed in, gradually, until perhaps in 4 – 6 weeks, up to 50 people at a time will be able to worship together. Social distancing rules will apply to us all.

A New England: Life after lockdown:

For two weeks we have published the views of business people from our parish on how they think the future will look. With the likelihood of lockdown being relaxed, at least slightly, in  a few days time, there is no more relevance to the series.

It is perhaps interesting to analyse the views of the 10 contributors. 9 of these were currently in all types of business, mainly employers or self employed; 1/3 were female and 1 was retired.

The main subjects were: working from home likely to increase; personal taxation will rise; international air travel for business purposes will drop significantly; social distancing will continue for a long time to come; improved personal hygiene will be norm.


Why is it that when I talk to God, it is called “praying”?

And when God talks to me it’s called “schizophrenia”?

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