St Mary's News FRIDAY BLOG – 24th APRIL

The Trading Standards Office for South Glos Council is concerned about Covid 19 related crime. Currently, the most prevalent ones are online sale of CV19 testing kits – which don’t work.                  Then there are cases of bogus health workers knocking on doors – always ask for identification.         Fly tipping is on the increase, don’t be tempted by people saying they are authorised to remove rubbish, wait until Sort It opens again.                                                                                                               And Wiltshire CC are hearing stories of automated phone messages saying that everyone must wear a face mask outdoors – it’s not true.

The Parish Council has authorised its local contractor to repaint the Tockington phone box, which does need a facelift. Shortly afterwards (early May), the 2 bus shelters will receive facial maintenance.

There are some people in the area who live alone, have no family (or that family is miles away), possibly no friends nor even neighbours. It’s easy to forget about someone you never see, so take a minute to remember if there is someone not far from you whom you haven’t seen for awhile. Go and check up on them.

South Glos Council supports “Social providers”. These are trained people who receive referrals from doctors and health practices. There are people who are lonely or who have mental health issues and in desperation the only port of call they can think of, is their local GP. Ironically, what these people need is human contact and in these times that is something which is just not available.

Seen in a church magazine: This Friday the young wives have organised a Ladies Victorian Costume evening. Do join them at 7pm it will be a fun evening and some of them will be wearing clothes.

And finally, remember that no woman ever shot her husband while he was washing up.

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