St Mary's News FRIDAY BLOG – 10th APRIL

Happy birthday to our much loved MARY GRIFFITH.

Good Friday – Stations of the Cross. This link will take you to our service:

The Rev Ann Parker, priest in charge at St John’s, Aust, has retired and is moving to be with her family. Recent years have been hard on her but she has now recovered and we thank her for her very active involvement in the communities of both Aust and Olveston.

Our own lay reader, Trevor Cook, has taken charge of St John’s and he will no doubt be very successful. For Trevor this move means that he will have less time for his pastoral work in Olveston parish. It has been a job he shared with Debbie Harries so there is even more pressure and responsibility on her. We hear very little of this pastoral work because, of necessity, discretion is so important but behind the scenes a great number of people receive care and prayer.

Another helping body, the Churches Support Group which is an ecumenical organisation also caring for people in need, is now led by Debbie.

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