The Vicar has decided that to protect all members of our congregation, a number of precautions be put in place.

Whilst communions will continue to be held, only the bread will be given – no wine. This is one way to reduce transmission of viruses. This practice in no way diminishes the importance of the sacrament.  The custom of shaking hands “The Peace” has also been suspended.

Secondly, there will be NO more tea and coffee after the 10am service and likewise no gathering after the 6pm service.

The alms bags will not be passed around for the collection but a plate will be left by the door for all to give as and when they want to.

There will also be a form left at the door which we would be grateful if you could complete: it asks for contact details of anyone you think might need support during the current pandemic. The Vicar and the Assistant Vicar and the Pastoral Team need to know whom is vulnerable, so please do fill in the form.

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