Sunday evening services are to be resumed, officially from Sunday 1st November. During the winter the evening services will be held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays and start at 4pm. Initially Rev Ann Lloyd will take the 1st service and Rev David Moss the 3rd week service.

APCM. The annual parochial church meeting will take place on SUNDAY 4th OCTOBER at 11am following the 10am Holy Communion Service. Everyone is invited to attend.

HARVEST. This year our Harvest Service will be on the 11th October at 11am (please note the time change). An idea currently being developed is for everyone to bring their own picnic – the serving of food and drink being currently banned. More next week.


Because of the likely onset of a 2nd wave of Covid 19 and a recent spate of panic buying, all the major supermarkets have started to ration various items. Here is the current list:

ASDA: 4 packs toilet rolls, 6 bottles of wine, 1 kilo rice, 4 bottles of HP sauce

TESCO: 2 packs of toilet rolls, 1 hand sanitiser, 500 gms of rice

WAITROSE: 6 quails eggs, 1 lobster, 100gms of Foie Gras

ALDI: 1 MIG welder, 1 pink sports bra, 2 trumpets, 1 wetsuit

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